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Learning Commons: Printing


Through PrintGreen, students are allotted 750 print credits each semester. A “print” is each page side that runs through the printer, so printing a single-sided page equals one print and a double-sided page is two prints.

After the 750 allotment, each print costs 10 cents. Based on records of past usage, the majority of students will never exhaust the 750 print credits alloted to them each semester. 

Through a desktop icon, students can check to see their remaining print credits, how many prints have been used, and the environmental impact of their printing to date. Students can also use this icon to add credit to their account as needed.  

As part of this initiative, the Bookstore sells coursepacks that can be printed on demand, and the university has obtained a copyright clearance license to support this process.

For more information on PrintGreen:


There are 3 printers located in the Learning Commons.  All print jobs need to be sent to \\\Puget Sound Printer.

This sends print jobs to a print server.  The items do not actually print until they are "released" at one of the printers by swiping your Puget Sound ID card or using the Release Station located at the Learning Commons desk.


All computers are set to print double-sided by default.

If you need to print single-sided, send each page individually.  The print single-sided option is not currently responding.

I can't print

  • Make sure you are printing to the correct printer: Double-check to which printer the job was sent.  You may be looking at the wrong printer.
  • Click Print again to see if any error messages are being displayed and ask for staff assistance as needed.
  • Check your print credits by going to and logging in to your PrintGreen account.  You may not have enough print credit left to print the document.

Additional Laptop Printing Information

Printing from a laptop or other mobile device to any lab or classroom printer is also possible using vDesk.  

For more information about using laptops on campus, see the Technology Services page:‚Äč

Things to note:

  • For both Windows and Mac laptop users, vDesk must be open and the document must be opened using a vDesk application.
  • Once in vDesk, printers which are nearby to your physical location will automatically appear as options in the usual printer list for the software you are using
  • If the document that you want to print was created using software which does not exist on vDesk (such as Pages, Apples word processing software), then the originating software must first be used to convert the document to PDF format.  This PDF document can then be brought into vDesk and printed with no loss of formatting.
  • The method of producing PDF formatted documents differs depending on the software program.  In some software applications, there is a "File", "Save As File Type" option which list "PDF" as a formatting option.  In other applications without a "Save As PDF" option, the document can be "printed" to a printer called "PDF", which produces a file in PDF format, instead of a hard copy printout.


For immediate assistance, contact library staff at the Information or Circulation desks.

Send an email to: