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Makerspace at Puget Sound: Meet the Maker Team

Learn about the Puget Sound Makerspace: a design studio, makerspace, and creativity zone located in the basement of Collins Memorial Library.

Makerspace Advisory Committee 2017-2018

Jane Carlin, Library

Eli Gandour-Rood, Library

Ann Gleason, TS

Michael Johnson, Art

Sunil Kukreja, Academic Affairs

Jada Pelger, Library

Siddharth Ramakrishnan, Neuroscience

Lori Ricigliano, Library

Hilary Robbeloth, Library

Questions? Ideas? Suggestions? Want to get involved? Email us at

Student Maker Team

Maloy Moore

I am a Psychology major who loves to knit in her free time! Research shows that crafting increases mood and general well being, and it's definitely a form of my self care. I've been knitting for years, and I love to make presents for people that I love. I can help with the 3-D printers, the soldering equipment, knitting, sewing (hand and machine), the silhouette cutter, and with creative inspiration. I'm also president of the campus Needlecrafts Club. Let's talk together about bringing your ideas into reality!




Luke Ulrick

Hello! I am a Religious Studies major in my fourth year at UPS. In the Makerspace, I can help with Silhouette Cameo, 3D printing, soldering, and sewing. I am available to talk through any creative ideas you have and look forward to seeing what will be created in this space. Right now, my own projects include learning basic bookbinding skills and solving puzzles printed from the 3D printer!.







Ada Hoch Schneider

My name is Ada Hoch Schneider and I am in my senior year at Puget Sound. I am majoring in Sculpture and Sociology.  I have worked in textiles and design for over five years and can help out with just about any sewing project. Additionally I can help with projects on the 3D printer, Silhouette Cameo, basic soldering and just about any craft you throw at me. I’m interested to see what the Puget Sound community can bring to the table and can’t wait to get started on the next project.






April Scott

Hiya! My name is April and I am a sophomore religion major with a GQS minor. I am passionate about crafting which makes the makerspace my safe haven! I love to learn new things every opportunity I can get. Come to my temple, makerspace, and learn all sorts of diverse crafts from sewing to 3D printing!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to assist and craft together :).