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Makerspace at Puget Sound: Arduinos

Learn about the Puget Sound Makerspace: a design studio, makerspace, and creativity zone located in the basement of Collins Memorial Library.

Spotlight on Student Work

Learn how Puget Sound student Kara Ann Lamar used the Arduino in Humanities 399 to create a lesson plan that shows you how to use the Aruduino to make a spaceship interface that looks straight out of your favorite science-fiction movie!



An Arduino is a microcontroller, a simple, tiny computer that can run computer programs. Microcontrollers are also found in dozens of things you use every day—microwaves, electric toothbrushes, children’s toys, kitchen timers, light-up sneakers. While the first projects you build with your Arduino will involve simple projects, like pushing a button to make lights blink, or getting a small propeller to spin, Arduinos can be used to build much more complex projects, from creating Bluetooth sound systems for your car or automating your chicken coop (Check this out! ).

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