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Makerspace at Puget Sound: Sewing Machines & Serger

Learn about the Puget Sound Makerspace: a design studio, makerspace, and creativity zone located in the basement of Collins Memorial Library.

Sewing Machines & Equipment

Sewing Machines













The Makerspace has two Husqvarna Viking Emerald 116 sewing machines.  

The Makerspace staff can provide basic instruction on the use of the sewing machines.

If you are new to sewing or need a refresher, here are some suggested videos:





Sergers differ from regular sewing machines in that they provide an overlock stitch, which is capable of sewing over the edge of multiple pieces of fabric, locking the seam in place, providing a neat and clean finish, simultaneously reducing the risk of unraveling or fraying at the edges. This type of stitch is incredibly useful for hemming and edging. It allows for considerably more stretch than conventional sewing machines, and is a helpful tool in attaching elastic, as well as working with knitted materials. This machine also works with great efficiency, quickly executing an overlock stitch and trimming excess material, all in one fast step. 

It is important to note that sergers should not be used solely in place of conventional sewing machines.