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CONN 410: Science and Economics of Climate Change: Getting Started

Course guide supporting research into climate change from scientific and economic perspectives.

Background Sources

These collections of online Encyclopedias, Handbooks and Dictionaries are great resources for finding out background and contextual information for your topic! 


Hot Topics & Opposing Viewpoints

Research Exercise

So you’ve got to make a podcast…

  • What kinds of information do you need to include?
  • Where can you find that information?
  • Your research process might look like:
    • Mapping your information needs
    • Brainstorming search terms and identifying potential information sources
    • Conducting your research.
    • Returning to your concept map and seeing what gaps are in your research
    • Repeat as necessary!


Starting Points

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Eli Gandour-Rood, Science Liaison Librarian

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Eli Gandour-Rood
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