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SSI2-107: Leadership in American History: Getting Started

Course guide for students in SSI2 Leadership in American History

Interdisciplinary Reference Resources

Start your research by consulting these collections of subject encyclopedias.  If you have any difficulties at all, please email Ben Tucker for assistance and recommendations.

Building Context

The subject encyclopedias listed below are especially useful for establishing the context in which your selected person lived.

Biographical Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Start with biographical reference resources to establish the basic outline of and key moments in your person's life.  Entries may include a discussion of the historiography on your person, that is, how scholars have debated and interpreted this person's actions and thoughts.  Pay very close attention to the bibliographies at the end of each entry, as these will identify for you additional primary and secondary sources!

Everyone should start with American National Biography, and then branch out as needed.

Subject Guide

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