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Makerspace at Puget Sound: Collins Library Makerspace

Learn about the Puget Sound Makerspace: a design studio, makerspace, and creativity zone located in the basement of Collins Memorial Library.

The Makerspace at Puget Sound

The Makerspace is a collaborative creative space for  Puget Sound  students, faculty and staff interested in doing hands-on  projects in an informal  setting at the Collins Library.  It’s a collaborative work space  for making, learning, exploring and sharing that uses high tech to no tech tools. It’s a place to develop and create something out of nothing and explore.

The 2017-2018 year will serve as our pilot year to determine what the interests of the community are. Our goals for the pilot project include:

1. Foster a culture of creating

2 Encourage informal learning 

3. Support peer-to-peer learning and sharing

For the fall semester, many pilot projects using the Makerspace will be integrated into specific class projects.  We will also host a number of drop-in sessions so you can learn more about the equipment and potential for use.  In addition, we will schedule workshops so that you can make and create!

We encourage your input about how this space might develop and invite you to share your thoughts and ideas by emailing

Spring Semester 2018 Hours




 10am-12:30pm & 2-9pm


 11am - 9pm


 10am-12:30pm & 2-9pm

Friday 11am-7pm


Upcoming Events at the Makerspace

Needlecraft Club  

Ongoing! Thursdays 5-6pm


Art & Science Salon

6-7:30pm - Thursday, February 22nd 2018


What is a makerspace?

Students using the Puget Sound Makerspace

Do you learn by doing? Are you an explorer? Do you have a project that you need to get your hands on in order to wrap your head

 around? Then the makerspace is the place for you!  

Makerspaces are defined by the makers who use them, but typically they provide the tools and space for individuals to explore, design, create, and modify physical objects in the name of art, research, or creativity. 

Often associated with 3D printing and other emerging technologies, makerspaces at their heart are about a supportive, collaborative environment where creativity and investigation can thrive.