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Primo Search FAQ: News

This guide is intended to answer general questions about our new discovery tool, Primo Search.

Library Search Tool Primo Gets an Upgrade!

On August 1, 2017, you may notice some changes in the user interface when you use the Collins Memorial Library search tool Primo. This guide answers basic questions about the new version of Primo and details its enhanced features.

Basic Questions about Primo's Upgrade

Why is a new version being implemented?

Collins Memorial Library is collaborating as part of our participation in the Orbis Cascade Alliance (Pacific Northwest consortium of academic libraries), to make the upgrade to the new version of Primo. The new version has many great new features - see next column to the right!

What will happen to eShelf records and saved searches?

"My Favorites," previously called eShelf, will transfer seamlessly into the new version of Primo.  Saved searches, unfortunately, will not transfer.

Will the launch of the new version change the status of any items on loan?

No, all original due dates will remain the same.

Who should I contact with questions about the new version of Primo?

Please feel welcome to ask Collins Reference

Highlighted Features

Mobile Device Navigation

The new version of Primo has been enhanced with smoother navigation on smaller screen mobile devices.

Serendipitous Source Discovery

The new version of Primo features an improved article recommendation service and citation exploration functionalities.

Browsing Results Lists

Instead of needing to click through pages of results, one can scroll more quickly to see desired groups of results.

Icon Familiarity

Icon images better match common online usage, for example, use of a quotation marks icon for source citation information and an envelope icon for emailing a record.