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GERM 405: Culture in the Third Reich: Home

Some Advice from Your Friends in the Library

Please DO:

  • Start Early! Work on your project consistently each and every week, so that materials have time to arrive from other libraries and we can answer your questions when you still have sufficient time to thoughtfully revise your work.
  • Seek out a variety of sources: books, essays in books, journal articles.
  • Use a variety of search tools: Primo, multiple databases, sometimes even Google Scholar.
  • Keep careful notes on all of your sources.  If an online knowledge management tool like Zotero or RefWorks is not for you, make sure that any system that you do use is thorough.
  • Contact a librarian whenever questions arise. Quick questions can be answered via email; more in-depth questions can be handled best with an appointment.

Start Your Research at the Library

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GERM 405: Culture in the Third Reich‚Äč


Great German Art Exhibition      

Second "Great German Art Exhibition": View of the Galleries in the House of German Art (July 10, 1938). Image from German History in Documents and Images, German Historical Institute, Washington, DC (

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