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BUS 478: Environmental Law: Background

This class examines substantive domestic and international environmental law and natural resource law to better understand how those laws relate to businesses in the United States and internationally.

CRS Reports

The Congressional Research Service does not currently maintain a publicly accessible website for its reports. To find reports related to environmental law that are freely available online, try these sources

TIP: Use the footnotes and references in your CRS reports to track down primary sources, like case law and federal laws.

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) provides nonpartisan, objective analysis on complex policy issues to members of Congress. Known for timely, accurate, and thorough research, CRS reports are designed to explain an issue in the legislative context, which means they can be a great starting place for understanding your legal topic.

Environmental Law Websites

Background Databases

Start with background reading on your case or legal issue to get summaries, context, and major developments, and to identify significant laws.

Reference Sources

The library also has many reference books that can give you a broad overview of your topic. Some suggested titles:

Encyclopedia of Earth
Browse for your topic.

Subject Guide

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