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New to digital humanities?  Explore these overviews and guides.

Contact Information

This guide was created and is maintained by Peggy Burge, Humanities Librarian and Information Literacy Coordinator, with additional content and feedback provided by Jane Carlin, Library Director;, Archivist, and Lori Ricigliano, Fine Arts Librarian and Associate Director for Information Access and Services.

Not sure who to contact with your questions?  Send an email message to any of us using the email links above, and we'll make sure that your questions are directed to the correct person.  We look forward to working with you!

DH: Possibilities, Opportunities, Intersections

“A new conjunction of scientist, curator, humanist, and artist is what the digital humanities must strive to achieve. It is the only way of ensuring that we do not lose our souls in a world of data.”
                   --Andrew Prescott, "An Electric Current of the Imagination: What the Digital Humanities Are and What They Might BecomeJournal of Digital Humanities 1.2 (Spring 2012).


Digital Humanities is an intensely collaborative, interdisciplinary, and multidisciplinary field.  Scholars and students in the humanities and social sciences work alongside educational technologists and librarians to explore, question, build, and discover meaning through the application of digital methods.

Due to the capacious nature of Digital Humanities, it is difficult to encapsulate the entire field in a single online guide. Accordingly, this guide focuses mainly on resources and services available to the University of Puget Sound community through Collins Library, with a full and humble acknowledgement of the insights, efforts, and expertise contributed by faculty and educational technologists.

DH Journals and Blogs

DH scholars and practitioners carry on lively conversations both formally--via peer-reviewed journals--and informally--via blogs and other social media platforms.