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ENVR/P&G 382: Global Environmental Politics: Policy Memo Resources

Policy Memo Instructions

You should choose an environmental policy issue that is of interest to you.  It must be an issue that clearly reflects the significance of an environmental policy problem with an international dimension.  You may focus on one country but the issue on which you're focusing must have some trans boundary, larger importance.

Your memo should consist of three primary parts:

  • A discussion of the environmental issue you have chosen.
  • Options for dealing more effectively with the issue.
  • Your best recommendation(s) about what action to take at this time.

You will rely primarily on scholarly articles and books, but you will also want to look for current policy discussions in newspapers with an international focus, government white papers on the websites of relevant countries, and policy reports/meeting summaries published by intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations.  Be sure to cite your sources in the style/format of your choice.

Country Information

Search IGO Websites

Searches across the websites of major IGO's including the UN, UNICEF, FAO, WFP, IMF, WTO, WHO, and the World Bank, to help you find information from these websites including news, reports, working papers, statistics & data, and more.

Research Databases

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