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EXSC 222: Human Anatomy: Home

Final Project

Choose an anatomical abnormality or disease/disorder that interests you, and decide who your audience will be: 

  •  Clinicians as your audience: Write a paper (~1000 words)
  • Scientists as your audience: Give a slide presentation to the class during finals (~5 min)
  • Community as your audience: Create an artistic tri-fold pamphlet or large format flyer

Step 3: What do you need to include?

  • Demographics (who gets and how many have the disease)
  • Signs/Symptoms
  • Causes
  • Treatments
  • Prognosis (outcome)

What might help you frame your research?

  • Is it an acute or chronic condition?
  • Who treats it? (surgeons? Physical therapists?)
  • Is it part of a larger group of conditions/disorders?
  • Are there more specific variations of this condition?
  • Is there more than one name for this condition?

Subject Guide

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