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SSI1-129: Mao's China: Newspaper Perspectives Assignment

Newspaper Perspectives Assignment

The resources listed here are to be used for the newspaper perspectives assignment.  Here's a suggested plan for conducting your research:

  1. Obtain approval from your professor for your choice of campaign.
  2. Identify the date range(s) for your campaign--this is crucial! Read chapters two and three of Harry Harding’s A Fragile Relationship. You also may need to consult a subject encyclopedia, review class readings and notes, and/or consult with your professor.
  3. Begin researching American newspapers and magazines (see below).  Note that Collins Library is missing the occasional issue of Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News & Wiorld Report, so it's possible you'll need to order a few articles via interlibrary loan.  It's best to do this as early as possible.
  4. Schedule several chunks of time over the next few weeks to work with the Chinese sources here in Collins Library.  The Chinese sources are not indexed, so you will need to peruse bound volumes within specific date ranges.  This process takes time!

American Viewpoints: U.S. Newspapers & Magazines

The library subscribes to two ProQuest Historical Newspapers databases.  The New York Times provides East coast perspectives and the Los Angeles Times covers the news from a West coast perspective.  Both of these databases are full-text and full-image.

Another database, Readers' Guide Retrospective, indexes American popular magazines, including Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News & World Report.  This database provides only citations to articles.  You'll then need to go downstairs to find the print magazines.  Print magazines are shelved alphabetically by title in two shelving areas in the basement of the library.  Please don't be hesitant to ask for help finding materials; all library staff members, including our student staff, are trained to help you find materials.

For all of these databases, it is recommended that you make full use of all of the advanced search options, especially the date limitations.  When searching Readers' Guide Retrospective, you can limit your results to the three newsmagazines needed for this assignment:  Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News & World Report.

Chinese Viewpoints: The Peking Review & The Beijing Review

To access Chinese viewpoints in English translation, you will be using articles from The Peking Review and The Beijing Review as primary sources.   The Communist Party of the People's Republic of China began publication of this journal in 1958.  It consists primarily of English translations of articles and editorials that first appeared in official Chinese-language newspapers and magazines, although some extra content is occasionally provided.

Collins Library owns all issues of The Peking Review from volume one (1958) through volume 21 (1978).  Take a look at the catalog record to determine the format available for the dates that you need; you'll see that volumes from 1958 to 1966 are available in microfilm, while volumes from 1967 through 1978 are available in print. n 1979, the title changed to Beijing Review, and those volumes, too, are available in print format.

The microfilm reader is located in the scanning room, just off of the Learning Commons in the library.

All print copies plus microfilm of The Peking Review and The Beijing Review are on a cart in the scanning room, just off of the Learning Commons. PLEASE return these materials to this cart when you are finished with them!!!