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BIOL 112: Evolution and the Diversity of Life : Home

Primary Literature Pop Quiz

Do either of these two articles count as a "primary research article" for your annotated bibliography?
1 is a primary research article: 3 votes (25%)
2 is a primary research article: 1 votes (8.33%)
Neither of them count: 1 votes (8.33%)
Both of them: 7 votes (58.33%)
Total Votes: 12

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Biol 112 Research

You'll need to search the scholarly literature to find sources to cite in your lab report. There are some minimum requirements (you need to cite at least three primary research articles and at least one review article, for instance) but more important than those minimum numbers is finding the RIGHT articles to cite. You aren't trying to find just any old article about streams or macroinvertebrates, and your goal is not to write the whole report and then find some citations to plonk down on're trying to find and read articles that will help you understand and contextualize the information that you're writing up in your report. 

Let's use this jamboard to do some brainstorming about the Morley & Karr article: Fall 2020 Biol 112

Subject Guide

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