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MUSIC 221: Jazz History: Home

Final Project

The final project is the creation of a short podcast or videocast with musical examples and an attached bibliography. The topic will be agreed upon between the student and instructor before preparing. This project is typically a lot of fun and a great addition to an ePortfolio. We will work toward this final project throughout the semester and I'll provide instructions and technical assistance along the way. Graded checkpoints for the Final Project will be given, including a bibliography and an outline. An alternative assignment may be discussed under unique circumstances. Some possibilities include a digital "zine," a formal interview, or lecture recital.

The length should be no less than 15 minutes of production running time and no more than 35 minutes of production running time.

The Final Project will include a bibliography (50 points)  due Week 8 and and an outline (50 points) due Week 10.




Highlighted Music Resources


Oxford Companion to Music includes definitions of musical ideas and terms to extended surveys of musical forms and styles, with specialist coverage of virtually every musical subject. It places music in its social and cultural context, with a range of new entries on topics such as politics, religion, psychology, and computers.

Encyclopedia of Popular Music's entries cover all genres and periods of popular music from 1900 to the present day, including jazz, country, folk, rap, reggae, techno, musicals, and world music.

Oxford History of Western Music presents Richard Taruskin’s unmatched narrative account of the evolution of Western classical music online. The full text from the five-volume 2009 paperback edition has been reproduced, as have notes, bibliographies, and further readings for each of the 69 chapters. numerous illustrations, and 1,800 musical examples. Note: Limit of 3 simultaneous users.

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