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COMM 110: Contemporary Controversies: News & Editorials

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Current News Coverage

One of the best places to look for varying opinions about controversial topics is in the opinion and editorial columns of newspapers.  The library provides access to many news resources.

Tip: Try searching by the terms "editorials" or "opinions" and a key word that best describes your topic.

Finding Editorials

The simplest way to search for editorials is to add the term "editorials" or "opinions" to your keyword search.  For instance, in the database Newspaper Source you can search:  "cyberbullying" and editorial

Often databases will also provide pre-set limiters that can be chosen before you enter your search terms.  In Newspaper Source you also could have chosen a Document Type limiter of Editorial.  Then searched by the keyword "cyberbullying."

One of the best sources for editorials is Nexis UniNexis covers many more newspapers than other resources.  It's also a great source for foreign newspapers, both written in English and in other languages. 

In Nexis choose to search "News" and combine your keywords with "editorials" or "opinions."