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STS 201 : Science, Technology, and Society I - Antiquity to 1800: Find Articles

Additional Resources for Researching Science, Technology, and Society

Key Database: History of Science, Technology and Medicine (HSTM)

E-Journal Collections

These e-journal collections provide access to many journals in the field of history of science, technology and medicine, but they are more limited in coverage compared to subject databases.  In most cases, it's better to search subject databases to identify articles, and then use Primo Journal search to link to the materials in these e-journal collections.  However, if your topic is very interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary, searching these collections can be quite useful for identifying particular disciplines that focus on your topic.

Searching Strategies!

Use these tips and tricks to get the most focused yet comprehensive results on your topic:

Add concepts to your search to get more specific: use AND to narrow down your search (like Robert Hooke AND microscope)


Remember to search multiple keywords (like Robert Hooke AND (microscope OR instrument OR microscopy) to get more results on your topic.


Use subject headings to target your search and find articles that are most relevant to you. Make sure to harvest more search terms from the results that you find! 


Use truncation symbols to search for multiple forms of a word. Just add an asterisk (*) where you want the truncation to start. For example, search for microsope, microscopic, microscopy, etc., by entering microscop*in the search box. 


Keep track of your strategies, so you don't forget how to find great resources!