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SSI1-124: Utopia/Dystopia: Assessment Exercise

Assessment Exercise

I.  Research Questions

What was the role of women in the Oneida Community?  Was the Oneida Community a feminist utopia for them?

II.  Evaluation of Sources

Working in small groups, you will be assigned one of the sources below to consider using in tackling the research question.  Consider the following questions as you evaluate the source:

  • In the context of the research question, how would you categorize what type of source this is?  Would you use it as a primary, secondary, or tertiary source?  Why?  Is it a popular or scholarly source?  How do you know?
  • How do you think this source might help you explore the research question?
  • How do you think this source would not help you explore the research question?  In other words, what doesn't it provide?
  • If you had to imagine three "ideal" sources that would help you investigate this research question, what would they look like?