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ARTH 363: Faith and Power in the Art of the Medieval West: Books

Collection Highlights

Searching Primo

Use Primo to find resources on your topic at Collins Library and beyond. Request books held by Summit libraries for delivery to Collins Library in about 5 days. Books can also be requested via Interlibrary loan if needed, for delivery in about 12 days.

Also try Google Books to search the contents of books

Subject Search Terms

Copy and paste subject search terms  into the Primo search box.

Architecture, Gothic
Architecture, Medieval

Art, Medieval
Art, Medieval Themes Motives
Art, Carolingian
Art, Gothic
Art, Early Christian
Art, Romanesque
Art Celtic
Crusader Art

Cathedrals France
CatheĢdrale de Chartres
Abbaye de Saint-Denis
Lincoln Cathedral
Notre-Dame de Reims (Cathedral)
Notre Dame de Paris (Cathedral)
Sainte Chapelle
Westminster Abbey

Illumination of Books and Manuscripts Medieval
Illumination of books and manuscripts
Book of Hours
Book of Kells

Mary Blessed Virgin Saint Cult
Christian saints Cult Europe History

Christian Art and Symbolism Medieval, 500-1500
Christian Antiquities
Celtic Antiquities
Reliquaries, Medieval
Mosaics, Medieval

Glass Painting and Staining

Sutton Hoo Ship Burial

Sculpture Romanesque
Sculpture Gothic

Bayeux tapestry



Where's the Book?

Are you looking for a book in the library?

  • Make sure the book is available by checking its status.
  • Jot down the call number of the item listed in Primo.
  • Use the location chart to find which floor the book is shelved. You can also consult the library map. Art books are located on the third floor.


Are you looking for a book that's checked out or not owned by the library?

  • Click on the Summit button in the record  to request a book from other academic libraries in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.
  • Not available through Summit? Click on the interlibrary loan button to request the book from non-Summit libraries. The average ILL request is 12 days.

E-Book Collections

Most e-books are integrated into Primo and can be found in that catalog.  The exception is the ACLS Humanities E-book Collection, which includes important scholarly monographs as well as selected scholarly translations of primary source texts.