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SSI2-151: The Natural History of Dinosaurs (Prof. Fox-Dobbs): Get Started with Zotero

Manage your research with Zotero

Before class on Tuesday, 4/9/2019, please complete the following three steps:

1. Download the Zotero app AND at least one browser connector (can be Firefox, Chrome, or Safari)

2. Verify that the MS Word Plug-in was successfully installed and that the Zotero menu is appearing

3. Register for an account at and then log in through the 'preferences>sync' tab in your Zotero library. 



Your first step to making your life easier is to get yourself set up with Zotero, which will allow you to manage the articles that you find, collect them into folders, export them into bibliographies. Go to to download it. Note that it is a TWO STEP process to download Zotero. You must first download the app (see screenshot below, #1), and then download the browser extension for the browser you want to use (# 2 in the screenshot below). 

Screenshot of, indicating the two steps that must be taken to fully download Zotero.


Once you have Zotero loaded, open up Microsoft Word and verify that the Zotero add-in is available. You will likely need to restart Word if you already had it open while you were downloading the plug-ins. Note that the add-in my look different or be in a different menu depending on which version of MS Word you are running and whether you are on a Mac or PC. Poke around if you can't find it! Look under 'tools' or for Mac users, check the little 'scroll' icon. 


3. Register

Finally, go to and register for a free account.


Then go to the 'edit' menu in your Zotero app (NOTE- may appear in the 'Zotero' menu for Mac users), go into the Preferences menu, select the 'Sync' menu, type in your username and password, and click 'set up syncing' so that your library will automatically sync.