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Primo Search FAQ: About Primo

This guide is intended to answer general questions about our new discovery tool, Primo Search.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Primo?
Primo is the Library's search tool for finding materials in the Collins Library, Summit libraries and libraries worldwide.  You will be able to search for books, articles and more in a single search box.

Will I still be able to use WorldCat to find items?
Yes, you'll still be able to search WorldCat. We do recommend searching Primo for resources available at Puget Sound and other Summit libraries and for Summit requests.

Which databases will be included?
As data is made available from our subscribed databases, they will be discoverable and accessible in the Primo.  Not all database metadata is shared with Primo, so searching databases directly is still recommended in order to view everything available.

How will I log in to my library account?
Log-in using your Puget Sound username and password to be able to see all of your checked out items, due dates, holds and renewal options.

Will Primo work with citation management tools?
Yes, you will be able to export results to various tools, although things may work a little differently than in WorldCat.

Will the Primo work on my mobile device?
Yes. Primo’s mobile interface allows you to search the entire collection directly from your mobile device.

Will I still be able to request items from Summit and Interlibrary Loan?
Yes, both Summit borrowing and interlibrary loan requests will be available through Primo.

New in 2020

Selecting Items

If you are signed in and do a search the Library’s Primo Search, you can now select multiple items in your search results list to apply actions such as email, print, or export to a citation manager found in the (…) menu at the top of the list, or save them to your favorites with the pin icon. Select specific titles by clicking the numbers that are to the left of the title. You can also click the checkbox at the top to select everything in that page of results or select the top 50 results.

Voice Search Assistant

If you use Chrome to look things up in the Library’s Primo Search, you might have noticed a new icon in the search bar starting at the beginning of the year.  Selecting this icon allows you to enter search terms using your device's microphone, rather than type them. If audio is detected, Primo will display the relevant search results. The browser will require confirmation to enable use of the microphone. The Voice Search icon displays for all browsers that support the Speech Recognition interface of the Web Speech API (such as Chrome for Desktop and Android phones).

Note that if no input is detected for 10 seconds, the system will provide a message and then prompt audio input two more times before timing out and exiting the voice search assistant.

It will be progressively available in other browsers as they support the Web Speech API. When search terms are spoken, the command is sent to the browser and not to the library system; the browser itself might store all voice commands, but the Library does not store any of the voice search commands.

Known Issues & Bugs

Issues with opening search results in a new tab

Currently, when right-clicking a search item into a new tab this will cause the search page to reload and start back at the top.

We are aware of this issue and it has been reported to our vendor. This issue does not impact access to items.

Reported: November 20, 2019

Request buttons not showing

First make sure you are logged in. If you are not logged in you will not see any request buttons.

If you still do not see any request buttons, try refreshing your browser. You may need to refresh multiple times.

Questions & Feedback

Please direct any questions you have about this transition to:

Migration Article

Interested in learning more, read the article, "Collins Library Prepares for Major Migration." in the Fall 2013 issue of TechNews.

Icon Credits

The icons used in Primo are from The Noun Project.