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Nexis Uni (Formerly LexisNexis): Business

Company Snapshot with LexisNexis

A Company Dossier company snapshot is a comprehensive company overview that includes:

  • Stock History Chart
  • Business Description
  • Yearly Financials
  • Executive Information
  • Corporate Hierarchy
  • Competitor Information
  • Mentions of the Company in current news stories
  • Legal cases in which the company is involved



On the main page of LexisNexis, click on Business under Discover Topics:

  1. Click on the Company Dossier button
  2. Search for the company

Your Company Dossier will look like ths:

Company snapshots are a great place to start your company research because of the large amount of information that returns in one search - A Company Dossier Snapshot runs a search on more than 70 sources at once and returns the most recent and relevant company information.