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ARTH 360: Greek Art: Course Readings

This library guide is a starting point for students enrolled in Art History 360.. It provides links and information relevant to the research paper assignment.

Art of the Bronze Age: Cycladic, Minoan, and Mycenean Art

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Greek Geometric Art and Greek Orientalizing Art

Langdon, Susan. “Beyond the Grave: Biographies from Early Greece,” American Journal of Archaeology 105/4 (2001), 579-606 [JSTOR]

Hurwit, Jeffrey M. “Reading the Chigi Vase,” Hesperia 71/1 (2002), 1-22 [JSTOR]

Greek Archaic Art

Marion True. “A Kouros at the Getty Museum,” The Burlington Magazine Vol. 129, No. 1006. (1987), 3-11. [JSTOR]

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Greek Classical Art

Hallett “The Origins of the Classical Style in SculptureJournal of Hellenic Studies 56 (1986) 71-84 [JSTOR]

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Greek Hellenistic Art

Stewart, Andrew. “The Alexander Mosaic: A Reading,” Idem, Faces of Power. Alexander’s Image and Hellenistic Politics, University of California Press, 1993, 130-150.

Multiculturalism and Greek Art

Adler, Eric, "Multicultural Athan," idem., Classics, Culture Wars, and Beyond, University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, 2016, 113-171.

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