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ARTH 334: Early Italian Renaissance Art: Books

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The library has access to a growing collection of eBooks which you can discover through Primo. When the results of your search are displayed, you can refine your results to eBooks. Keep in mind that you only have access to eBooks for Collins Library.

Here is one example.

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Suggested Search Terms

Broad Terms

  • Art Renaissance Italy
  • Art ,  Early   Renaissance
  • Art ,  Renaissance    Italy    Florence
  • Christian   art   and   symbolism    Italy    Renaissance
  • Renaissance Italy
  • Italy history 15th century
  • Renaissance    Conservation and restoration   Italy
  • Relics    Italy
  • Christian saints in art
  • Italy   Social life and customs   To 1500


  • Palazzo ducale (Venice, Italy)
  • Santa   Maria   Novella  (Church : Florence, Italy)
  • San   Francesco  ( Church  :  Assisi ,  Italy )
  • Basilica di San Marco
  • Battistero di San Giovanni


  • Donatello
  • Bernini, Gian Lorenzo
  • Brunelleschi , Filippo, 1377-1446
  • Cimabue

Forms of Art

  • Painting Renaissance Italy
  • Sculpture ,  Renaissance    Italy
  • Relief (Sculpture) italy
  • Mural painting and  decoration ,  Renaissance    Italy (note: Use for frescoes)
  • Altarpieces,  Renaissance
  • Church  decoration and ornament   Italy
  • Architecture ,  Renaissance    Italy   Florence
  • Bronze doors   Italy   Florence

Sources & Documents

Sources and documents are examples of primary sources. They may include writings by an artist, manuscripts, notebooks, letters, and more.

Examples of search terms used in Primo to discover primary sources:

  • Art  Renaissance Italy Sources
  • Art  patronage Italy History Sources
  • Architecture Early Works  to 1800
  • Renaissance   Italy   Sources