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SSI1-165 Never Really Alone: Symbioses and Parasitism Around and Within Us: Zombie Cicadas

Zombie Cicadas in 2018

You just read a fascinating story about cicadas and the fungus that can make their butts fall off. Let's take a look at different ways that information can be shared, and also pay attention to when that information was published. 


  • What's a pre-print? 
  • How is the brief article in Science different from the longer article you read for today? How is it similar?

Zombie Cicadas in 2019


  • How is the 2019 Fungal Ecology article different from the 2018 pre-print?
  • How is the 2019 NY Times article different from the 2018 Atlantic article that you read for class today? 

Zombie Cicadas in 2020


  • How is the 2020 PLOS Pathogens article different from the 2019 Fungal Ecology article? 
  • How is the 2020 'non-scholarly' source different from the 2018 & 2019 non-scholarly sources that we looked at?

Bonus Zombie Cicadas Content

Video below (July 27, 2020)