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SSI1-103: Alexander the Great: Primary Sources in Ancient History


Using Tertiary Sources

1. Read the entry on "Alexander historians" in The Encyclopedia of Ancient History.  Identify the primary sources mentioned in this subject encyclopedia article. 

2.  Are any of these primary sources available to us today?  If so, are they translated into English?  What happens when you search for any extant sources in Primo?  What strategies work best? 

3.  Given what you now know about primary sources for Alexander the Great, what kinds of questions will you use to interrogate the sources that you do have?

Primary Sources for Historians

Imagine that you are a historian in 2114 and you seek to write a social historical interpretation of the 2010s in the United States.  What might your primary sources be?  What might be some problems with your primary sources?

Now think of the primary sources that historians of ancient history have available to them.  What do we have?  What is available versus what is not available?

Subject Encyclopedias (Tertiary Sources)