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MATH 296: Seminar in Mathematical Modeling: Visiting UW-Tacoma

Visiting UW-Tacoma Library

Because the University of Puget Sound is a member of the Orbis-Cascade Alliance, all Puget Sound students, faculty, and staff are eligible to visit the University of Washington and use its library resources, both at the Seattle and Tacoma campuses. This is a great resource, as the University of Washington is a Tier-1 research institution, with correspondingly comprehensive resources. If you are doing an in-depth literature search, it may be worth your time to make the short trip down to the UW-Tacoma campus to take advantage of those resources. 

Bring your Puget Sound ID card to the UWT Library for access to:

- a temporary NetID, which will allow you to access the UW wireless network (and by extension, the electronic resources available through the UW libraries) on your own laptop,

-publicly accessible guest research computers,

-a borrower's card which allows you to check out items directly from the UWT library (though you can also request those items through Summit and have them delivered to the Puget Sound'll just take a little longer!).

Information about getting to the UWT Campus and Parking may be found here.  

Information about the UWT Library hours is available here.  

Further information about using the UWT Library as a visitor is here

You will likely wish to bring a USB flashdrive to save any PDFs that you download as you access the electronic resources of the library. 

Know before you goIf you would like to take a look at what journals are electronically available to you before you make the trip, check out the E-Journals list available through the UW Libraries website. You can search by journal title to see the date ranges available electronically through UW, so if you have a particular citation that you're hoping to get, you can see if it's available for you to download. Enter the name of the journal that you're interested in, then click 'Online access' to see what date ranges are available at UW. 

Chinook Red Chandelier by Dale Chihuly at the UW-Tacoma Library

Collins Library to UWT Directions


Confused? Need clarification? If you have any questions at all about visiting UW-Tacoma or any of the other Orbis-Cascade Alliance institutions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with your Science Liaison Librarian, Eli!
tel: (253) 879-3678
office:  Collins Library 117