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Classics 333: Uncovering Roman Religion: In-class activity

Getting Started: The Vestal Virgins as a Case Study

Skim through the following entries that relate to the Vestal Virgins.  As you do so, note what you can about the evidence (archaeological or textual) that is referenced.

"Vesta and the Vestal Virgins," Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome

"Vesta," Encyclopedia of Religion

"Forum Romanum," Oxford Art Online

"Vesta, Aedes," Digital Roman Forum


Building Your Bibliography

Search for three of the specific books or articles that are cited in the bibliographies of the entries above.

When searching for books, note the Library of Congress subject headings.  What else can you find?

Searching Databases

Begin searching the subject databases for scholarly work related to the Vestal Virgins.  Also try to find at least one site report.