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Classics 333: Uncovering Roman Religion: Site Reports

What are site reports?

Site reports are fundamental sources in the academic field of archaeology. A site report will tell you the specific information about an excavation:  the location; the size; the artifacts and features uncovered; dating; floor plans, etc.  Most site reports also include drawings and photographs.  

Site reports are published in a variety of formats:  monograph (book); peer-reviewed journal article; peer-reviewed online database.

Finding Site Reports: Monographs

To find site reports published as books in Primo, our online catalog, try the following strategies:

Searching by keyword

Words to try along with a country or city name, region and/or type of site or name of a specific group of people:

  • excavations - archaeology
  • antiquities
  • archaeology

Searching for specific sites

The name of the archaeologial site is usually a "Subject Heading."  Select the  Subject search option in Primo and enter the site name.  Here are some examples:

  • Temple of Vesta (Rome, Italy)
  • Roman Forum (Rome, Italy)


Finding Site Reports: Journal articles

When you search article databases, simply add the word "excavation" to your query!