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ACQUISITIONS: Liaisons by Department

2020-2021 Liaisons by Department

Department / Program Library Liaison Department Chair / Liaison to Library
African American Studies Angela Weaver Dexter Gordon
Art Angela Weaver Elise Richman
Asian Studies Angela Weaver Jan Leuchtenberger
Biology Eli Gandour-Rood Alyce DeMarais
Business & Leadership Andrea Klyn Lynnette Claire
Chemistry Eli Gandour-Rood John Hanson / Dan Burgard
Classics Angela Weaver Eric Orlin
Communication Studies Angela Weaver Derek Buescher & James Jasinski, co-chairs
Economics Andrea Klyn Matt Warning
Education Andrea Klyn Amy Ryken
English Katy Curtis William Kupinse
Environmental Policy & Decision Making Eli Gandour-Rood Daniel Sherman
Exercise Science Eli Gandour-Rood Gary McCall
French Studies Katy Curtis Diane Kelley
Gender & Queer Studies Katy Curtis Greta G. Austin
Geology Eli Gandour-Rood Michael Valentine
German Studies Katy Curtis Kent Hooper
Hispanic Studies & Latino/a Studies Katy Curtis Harry Velez-Quinones
History Peggy Burge John Lear
Honors Program Peggy Burge George Erving
Humanities Peggy Burge George Erving
International Political Economy Andrea Klyn Bradford Dillman
Latin American Studies Katy Curtis Brendan Lanctot
Mathematics Eli Gandour-Rood Mike Spivey / Adam Smith
Music Angela Weaver Gwynne Brown
Neuroscience Andrea Kly & Eli Gandour-Rood (shared) S. Ramakrishnan
Occupational Therapy Eli Gandour-Rood Yvonne Swinth
Philosophy Katy Curtis Ariela Tubert
Physical Therapy Eli Gandour-Rood Jennifer Hastings
Physics Eli Gandour-Rood Greg Elliot
Politics & Government Andrea Klyn Alisa Kessel
Psychology Andrea Klyn Sara Moore
Reference Andrea Klyn  
Religion Peggy Burge Stuart Smithers
Science, Technology & Society Peggy Burge James Evans
Sociology & Anthropology Andrea Klyn Monica C. DeHart
Theatre Arts Angela Weaver Geoff Proehl