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Theatre 313: Directing: Production History

Production History Overview

Production history covers original and subsequent productions. Writers generally discuss:

  • Overall evaluation of the production
  • Theatrical innovations
  • Directing
  • Casting, acting
  • Staging
  • Substance or meaning of the play
  • Other details

Prompts for Production History

Note: Check the assignment handout for details.

Use these questions to guide your research about production history:

  • What is the production history of this play? Where and when has this play been produced?
  • How was it received?
  • What notable artists have worked on it?
  • What design, casting, staging or producing choices were made? Why were those choices successful/unsuccessful in their time/location?
  • What contributed to the success/failure of this play in the past?
  • What aesthetic choices elevated/opened up the piece? What aesthetic choices collapsed the piece?

Newspaper Databases

Journal and Magazine Databases


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Angela Weaver
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Search Primo

Background Sources


Publisher Website: Samuel French's website may include reviews, author profile, and a list of productions for specific plays.

Theatre website: Look for a guide to the play.

  • Ex. The Language Archive

Official author website, blog, or Facebook page:


Search  the suggested databases for newspapers, journals, and magazines.Include the word interview in your search.