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BIOL 404: Molecular Biology: Zotero 201: More Advanced Tips

Using the MS Word Plug-Ins

Now that you have imported several articles into your Zotero library, you also have the option to easily cite them from within a word document. Open a word document and type a few sentences, then use the "insert citation" button from the Zotero Add-In toolbar (1) to insert a citation for an item from your Zotero library (2). Then, make some space on your page and insert the bibliography (3). 


Tip 1 - Messing with Metadata

Note that for the PDFs that have been imported, you can open them in an external viewer, as well as rename them from their parent metadata, by right-clicking. 

You can also drag PDFs directly into Zotero, and then try to locate metadata for them. First, you need to make sure that you have the PDF Indexing feature installed. Go to preferences, then the 'search' tab, then install the PDF Indexing tool.

With this feature, you can drag a file into Zotero and right-click to search for the metadata. This won't work with every PDF, but it's handy when it does work! It also allows you to save to Zotero directly from the PDF viewer of your browser. 

Try it with this PDF: 

Tip 2 - Adding New Styles

You may find that you wish to use a different style than one of the default options Zotero starts with, like APA, etc. You can add more styles by clicking on the 'settings' icon, going into the 'preferences' menu, and then selecting the 'cite' icon from the preferences window. You'll then need to click on the 'styles' tab and click on the 'get additional styles' link. 



Once you've gotten to the Style Repository, you can search for and then click to install one of the thousands of customized citation styles available.