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History 320: Age of Revolutions: Finding Books

Search Primo

Primo is your gateway to books available in Collins Library as well as SUMMIT libraries.  SUMMIT books take about 3-5 business days to arrive, so plan ahead!

Using Library of Congress Subject Headings

Catalogers assign one or more Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) to books using a controlled vocabulary.  LCSH are an excellent way to find more relevant books on your topic. 

  1. Start with a scholarly book recommended to you by your professor or one that is listed in a subject encyclopedia article.
  2. Look up that book in Primo, and then select "Item details."
  3. You'll see hyperlinked Library of Congress Subject Headings.  Click on any of these and you'll get a list of other books that share this subject heading!

What's a Monograph?

A scholarly monograph:

  • Is a one-volume work
  • Gives in-depth treatment to a specialized subject
  • Is written by a scholar in the field
  • Is written mainly for an academic audience

How to identify a monograph written by a historian:

  • See where it is shelved in the Library of Congress system
    • Look for call letters that start with "D," "E," "F," or "HQ."  
    • For history of science, technology or medicine, look for call letters that start with Q-Z.
  • Look carefully at the "item details" tab in the catalog record.
    • Is it published by a university press or academic publisher?
    • Does it include notes and a bibliography?

Example of a scholarly monograph written by a historian: