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Math 103: Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics: Finding Statistical Studies

Searching Tips

Change Where You Search 

When you are searching within a database, look for a dropdown-menu that allows you to limit where you are searching: many have options to allow you to search just within the abstract, or only the title of the article, for instance. This lets you narrow down your search to get fewer (and hopefully more relevant!) results. The interface may look a little different, but every database will allow you to make this change. 

Check for Subject Headings

As you are looking at the articles that come up, take a look at the abstract, which will help you understand what the article is about, and also at the Subject Headings (sometimes called 'descriptors' or 'MeSH Terms' or 'Keywords') which will help you identify what the major concepts that are being discussed in the article, as well as helping you to find other articles on the same topic. 

PubMed Central

PMC Advanced Search

Once you've run a search, you can use the 'advanced' search page to change your search to limit the number of results that you're getting! 

Once you get to the advanced search page, try limiting your search to only within the abstract, and try adding in key phrases for the statistical analysis that you're familiar with. 



BioOne Search Page 

Note that you also have the option to narrow your search by searching only within certain sections of the articles, such as within the Abstract, or within the Figure & Table Captions, which will decrease the number of results that you're getting. 


PsycArticles Advanced Search Options

This database gives you many excellent options for filtering your search results so that you can target your searching very precisely! You can change where you search, and below, you can limit by age group, by population group, AND by methodology of the article. That last one can be very helpful in searching for particular kinds of studies...quantitative studies may present you with more interesting statistical analysis to than qualitative studies, for instance. 

ProQuest Central

ProQuest Central Searching

Keep in mind that you DEFINITELY want to limit your search to 'full text' and 'scholarly journals' in this database so that you'll get the right kind of results showing up.  

You may also wish to limit your results after your search by date (using the slider bar on the left hand side), or check out the abstract or full text of the articles.