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Classics 280: Introduction to Mediterranean Archaeology: Getting Started

Archaeology and Interdisciplinary Research

Start your research by consulting subject encyclopedias from many different disciplines--anthropology, art history, archaeology, , classical studies, religion.  The entries will help you develop a multidisciplinary perspective on your topic and will allow you to develop strong research questions to explore.

Tip #1:  Consider using on online concept mapping tool like Coggle to keep track of the branches of your research and the connections between them.  Coggle allows you to revise and rework your map as you continue to research.

Tip #2:  Consider using knowledge management software to keep track of and organize all of your research.  Collins Library supports both RefWorks and Zotero.

Selected Print Reference Resources

Print encyclopedias and dictionaries are located on the first floor of Collins Library.

Online Encyclopedias

Online Reference Collections:


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Angela Weaver
Collins Library 131


These resources will lead you to additional primary and secondary sources.

Maps and Atlases