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SSI2-142: Pirates: Argument (scholarly) sources: Books

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Why should I sign into Primo?

When you sign into Primo, you are able to do the following:

  • Access externally licensed resources.
  • Request or recall items.
  • Save items from your results list and searches you have performed for future use.
  • Set preferences to reflect the way you usually search and save them for future sessions.
  • Access your account to find out what you currently have checked out.

You should also sign out of Primo so that your searches remain private and your settings are not tampered with by anyone else.

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Tip:  When you find a secondary source that is especially useful for your research project, look at its full record in Primo to find its Library of Congress Subject Headings.  Click on one of them and you'll find every other book that shares that same subject heading.

What's a Monograph?

Scholars produce writing in several different genres, including entries in specialized subject encyclopedias; edited and annotated volumes of primary sources; surveys or textbooks; articles published in scholarly journals; articles aimed at a general audience that are published in popular venues such as magazines or blogs; scholarly essays published as part of a digital humanities project; and monographs.

A scholarly monograph:

  • Is a one-volume work.
  • Gives in-depth treatment to a specialized subject.
  • Is written by a scholar in the field.
  • Is written mainly for an academic audience.
  • Includes the "scholarly apparatus" of footnotes or in-text citations and a bibliography that contains both primary and secondary sources.
  • Typically is published by a university press or other academic publisher (such as Ashgate, Routledge, Taylor & Francis, Wiley.)

Primo is the best tool to use when searching for monographs.  When you see a title that might be relevant to your research, be sure to click on the "item details" tab in the catalog record to find out more information about it.