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History 311: The Age of Reformation: Monographs & Scholarly Articles

This library guide is intended for students enrolled in Prof. Katherine Smith's History 311 course.

Researching Topics in Early Modern Europe: Some Tips

  • Be flexible with search terms for the time period:  late Middle Ages, late medieval, early modern, Reformation, Counter-reformation, even Renaissance can all be terms used for the time period. 
  • Try searching by century, too:  fifteenth century, sixteenth century, seventeenth century.
  • Search databases that cover both medieval and modern periods.


When searching for monographs in Primo, start with titles identified in subject encyclopedia entries, and then look at the Library of Congress Subject Headings for those in the Primo records.  For scholarly work published especially after about 2000, there may be several subject headings that will help you identify further research on your topic.

Primo Search

History Databases

Additional Disciplinary Databases

Depending on your topic and approach, you may need to also search subject databases for other disciplines.