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Journal Review and Discard Project 2018: Setting the Stage

The Great Shift of 2018 Begins

Over the summer, the library staff completed a major shift in collections in order to accommodate needed construction of offices and spaces for the Technology Services staff and services in the lower level of the Collins Library building. The first phase of the project had two parts:

1. We relocated over 45,000 books to one of our lower level journal rooms as well as to the 2nd floor of the library.

2. We reviewed the existing bound journal collection, and the remaining Government Documents collection, and made decisions in accord with well-established professional practices to significantly cull those collections.  

These processes were complicated by the fact that that the compact shelving in room 006 has reached end-of-life and must be removed.

Guiding this process is the fact that over the past decade the Library has steadily transitioned to digital format wherever possible to allow content to reach more users when and where they need access to it. As we transition from print to digital format, the Library has continued to retain some print back runs of journals. We retained these back runs at the request of faculty, or because the digital subscriptions did not cover the entire back run of a specific title or simply because we wanted to assess the viability of an electronic version of a title versus a print. It is these historic back runs of journals that were under review this summer, and some are still under review for the fall. 

A to D Book Move

Comments & Questions

Please address any comments or questions you have about this project to:

Jane A. Carlin, Library Director

T: 253.879.3118

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