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Journal Review and Discard Project 2018: Next Steps

How We Got Here

Over the course of the summer, liaison librarians culled the collections based on our guiding principles and their professional judgment, but have also identified titles that require faculty review prior to discard.  These are titles that may or may not have relevance to the curriculum and your discipline.  These titles are now located in Room 006 located on the lower level of the library.  Liaison librarians will be providing curated lists to departments specific to their disciplines.  As you review these titles, please keep in mind that the Library has a strong Interlibrary loan program, that titles are no longer current, and that they take up considerable space. The titles are currently shelved in aging compact shelving that cannot be repaired and therefore must be removed. We have retained the free standing shelving that was formerly used for our A-D books and can re-install it in this room, but it will limit the number of titles we can retain. In addition, we are rapidly reaching capacity in our circulating stacks, specifically in the arts and humanities. It is important to consider the importance of balancing our collections ensuring we have room for open, new and circulating collections.  Once we identify the titles for discard, we can begin planning for how to re-allocate the collections and best utilize the existing space.  



Fall Semester 2018:

  • September - October: 
    • Faculty review of remaining journal titles.
  • November: 
    • Titles for discard and retention identified, and library staff move forward with discard process.

Winter Break 2018/19 (dependent on Facilities and contractors schedules):

  • December - January: 
    • Possible removal of compact shelving and re-design of Room 006.
      (note: if timing does not work, this project will be added to the facilities project management schedule) 

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