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SSI1-152: Gender and Performance: Book Reviews


About Book Reviews

The contents of a book review can vary widely based on the audience, the genre, and where the review is published. However most reviews have some common elements.

  • Concise summary of the content with an overview of the book's overall perspective, argument, and/or purpose
  • Critical assessment of content
  • Recommendation whether or not readers would value the work for its authenticity and overall quality

Popular reviews are found in magazines, newspapers, blog posts, and other sources aimed at a general audience.They appear shortly after the book is published.

Scholarly reviews are found in journals. They may compare the book to other works that have been published on a similar or related topic.They may appear a year or more after the book is published.

Search for Book Reviews

There are many databases the library subscribes to that include the full-text or citations to book reviews.

Search Tips:

  • Use quotes around the book title, e.g, "Redefining Realness" If you get too many results, limit your search to reviews.
  • Note that the publication Library Journal is not a journal; it is a trade magazine.
  • If you are unsure of the audience, read about the publication.

Start searching with Primo! It includes a mix of popular and scholarly reviews.

Popular Press Databases

Scholarly Databases

Google Scholar Search

Web based Sources