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Northwest Detention Center Resources for University of Puget Sound Students: In The News

Finding News Coverage About the NWDC

The NWDC has been covered in many news sources, from local to national. While we generally pay more attention and place more trust in big names when it comes to news, issues having to do with the NWDC are often reported in small, independent sources that are interested in speaking truth to power. In general, when researching the NWDC be sure to stay critical of how power and funding plays a role in whose perspectives are presented and whose best interest in served in the stories reported. 

News Databases

These are only a few of the available data bases where you can find news coverage of the NWDC.

Try searching some of the following terms to get started:


"Northwest Detention Center"

"Immigration", "Detention" and "Deportation"

"Prison Strike" 

"Hunger Strike"

"Maru Mora Villalpando"