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Northwest Detention Center Resources for University of Puget Sound Students: Scholarly Sources

Using Scholarly Sources to Understand the NWDC

Scholarly or 'secondary" sources are necessary when forming an academic argument about the Northwest Detention Center.

Your scholarly sources don't have to directly discuss the NWDC. One way to approach your search for scholarly sources is by thinking about what you want to argue and what lens/discipline you want to approach this issue with.

Since the NWDC is a pretty huge topic all on its own, another useful exercise when researching it is to brainstorm some specific topics implicated by the NWDC, and then approach your research from this angle.

Some examples of topics might be: prisons, immigration, race, colonialism, neoliberalism, identity, policing, or environmental racism- just to name a few! 

Choosing Your Disciplinary, or Multidisciplinary, Approach

Here are a few discipline-specific databases where you can find useful scholarly sources. 

Pro-tip: In these data bases you will probably be most successful if you use multiple keywords- the more specific, the better! 

Print Sources

Finding Background Information in Subject Encyclopedias

When choosing an approach or angle to take when studying the NWDC, it can be useful to look in subject encyclopedias for background information about that topic.

For example, if you search "Prison Industrial Complex" or "Hunger Strikes" in the database below you will find short but comprehensive histories of these issues, as well as further sources for research, in different subject encyclopedias.

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Gale Virtual Reference Library includes the full text of over 100 subject encyclopedias spanning multiple disciplines.