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Northwest Detention Center Resources for University of Puget Sound Students: Community Knowledge

Community Knowledge

The sources posted on this page will give you an idea of the ways other than social media or journalism that communities are producing and circulating knowledge about the Northwest Detention Center. These sources can be helpful in providing evidence to your argument, or in better understanding the perspective of various community members and organizations. 

This is also in no way an exhaustive list- ask around or do a google search to find other creative ways that the South Sound community is having conversations about the NWDC. 

Local Artist Book


Advocates for Detained Voices has an ongoing Zine publication that is a great place to find first hand narratives from people in detention and activists, history, and student art about the Detention Center.

Advocates for Detained Voices Website

A great place to find some PDF versions of a selection of ADV Zines

Collin's Memorial Library Zine Collection

Find a complete collection of physical copies of the ADV zines here... and you might just find some other useful material while you're at it! Below is information about the collection and information on how to access it.

About Our Zines


Selections from the Collins Library Zine Collection. Photo Credit: Katy Curtis


The Collins Library Zine Collection is a unique addition to our collections that came to Puget Sound in July 2016 after an initial donation from the Zine Pavilion at the American Library Association Annual Conference. This collection continues to grow through selected purchases and the donations of individual zine collections. Currently, the Zine Collection contains approximately 300 zines on a variety of topics, both personal and political, which are housed in Archives & Special Collections on the 2nd Floor of Collins Library.

The zines in our collection vary widely in style and content and cover a wide breadth of topics, including zines on local and national issues, politics, personal narratives, activism and social justice, environmental justice, queer identities, feminism, race, and more, including several authored by Puget Sound students. The goal of this collection is to reflect the breadth and depth of the medium and support undergraduate research activities at the University of Puget Sound. 

We hope you will enjoy our zine collection!

Research questions about zines and requests for library sessions can be emailed to or your liaison librarian. 

NWDC Resistance Productions

The Hunger Strikers Handbook by the NWDC Resistance provides history, narrative, and analysis about the hunger strikes that happened in the NWDC in 2014.

The NWDC also produced a short documentary with similar content that included first person testimony.

You can find both of these sources at the following website:

Seattle Globalist Podcast on Immigration in PNW