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Blackface: Tacoma


A Sound Past, a digital image collection from the University Archives, includes photographs from the 1949 blackface minstrel show "Sho Nuff."

The Tacoma Public Library’s digital collections image archive includes images of black face minstrel shows, including a minstrel show on the Puget Sound campus. 

Alumnus Images

Trail Newspaper Articles 1900-1949

"A minstrel troupe serenaded the 'Happy Home' club..." The Maroon, April 1904, pg. 4

"Several of our fair Alumnae 'took in' the Minstrel Show..." The Maroon, December 1909, pg. 16

Calendar: "December 16 - High School Show. Minstrels sing..." The Maroon, January 1910, pg 10

"Locals" column: "Miss Gertrude Horner of the music department entertained..." The Maroon, December 16, 1910, pg. 8

Freshman Class Notes: "The big event of the month... was our stunt." The Trail, January 1917, pg. 14

"Sixth Avenue Minstrels Give Show" The Puget Sound Trail, December 4, 1925, pg. 1

"Minstrels Featured" The Trail, January 6, 1928, pg. 1

"Men singers open season Friday nite" The Trail, January 13, 1928, pg. 1

Below "Contents" section: "The whole deal starts on the evening of October 23rd, with the big Minstrel Show..." The Alumnus, September 1947, pg. 3

and "Gentlemen Be Seated" ad, pg. 4

and "Alum Show Starts Big Week End," pg. 5-6

"Big Plans for Homecoming Set in Motion," The Alumnus, pg. 15

"'Life at 60' Makes Hit, Plays to Full House" The Trail, November 19, 1948, pg. 1

"The 1947 Minstrel Show was a success. It made profit..." The Trail, June 3, 1949, pg. 8

Entertainment section: "Blackface..." The Trail, September 23, 1949, pg. 7

Campus Week: "There was a rumor that this year's minstrel show might be in whiteface..." The Trail, September 30, 1949, pg. 3

and "Sho' Nuff...," pg. 4

"Sho' Nuff..." The Trail, October 21, 1949, pg. 16

Campus Week: "Right in style for college productions was the varsity 'Sho' Nuff' benefit..." The Trail, November 18, 1949, pg. 5

and "Nuff Sho Nuff...," pg. 13

"Neat Net..." The Trail, December 9, 1949, pg. 7

Trail Newspaper Articles, 1950-

"No One Cares: The annual varsity show, a minstrel show which in 1950 packed the Fieldhouse..." The Trail, March 9, 1954, pg. 2

"Waring's 'Hear, Hear' Musical Visits Fieldhouse Monday" The Trail, November 8, 1955, pg. 4

"Varsity Show Gigantic Opens Thursday In Auditorium" The Trail, November 15, 1955, pg. 1

"Students Exchange Views On 'Slave Sales' At Open Forum," The Trail, March 24, 1983,  p. 3.

"Blackface issue deeper than skin," The Trail,  November 15, 2002,  p. 5

"Blackface concern reemerges at UPS," The Trail, October 10, 2003, pp. 1-2

and "Blackface Still Present," pg. 5, 7

"Students refuse to be divided," The Trail,  October 17, 2003,  p. 5 (with student poll on pg. 6)

"Professor, BSU split over blackface issue," The Trail,  November 7, 2003,  pp. 1-2 (with small correction in Nov. 14 issue [pg. 4])

“Puget Sound should be teacher, not Big Brother, " The Trail, December 12, 2003, p. 12. (opinion piece)

Letter to the Editor: "...likens it to the recent 'Thug Life' fiasco..." The Trail, November 16, 2007, pg. 7

"New group seeks to fight hate," The Trail, November 30, 2007, pg. 3

"BSU, allies demand change for Black students," The Trail, March 7, 2008, pg. 1

"CAIR presents Presidents with demands for increased diversity," The Trail, March 28, 2008, pg. 1

and "BERT defines campus role," pg. 3

Letter to the editor re: CAIR, The Trail, April 11, 2008, pg. 5, 7

"Racism fears limit discourse," The Trail, April 18, 2008, pg. 5, 7

and comic related to CAIR, pg. 7



Blackface in Tacoma, 1922-1952 Timeline