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Senior Library Students' Bookplate Award: Nitty Gritty

Collins Memorial Library staff want a tangible reminder of our talented student workers. 

Student eligibility: 

Each graduating student employee employed in the library for at least 2 semesters within the past two years, including at least one semester of their final year, may select a print book to be purchased and added to the library collection. 

Book eligibility:

The books selected by students should be in print and available for purchase.  We hope students will select a title that is meaningful to them and to the collection.  The books need to have a price point of $75 or less. The title should be new to the library, not a second copy. Books will be subject to our collection development guidelines, in case of doubt regarding appropriateness.

The Process:

The graduating student employees will fill out a selection form, with three  different selections in priority order. These title suggestions will be due by the third week of March.  Library staff will purchase the material.  Each book will receive a bookplate with the text: 

In recognition of {Student Name}. Puget Sound Class of 20XX

The library will display the student selections during our graduate cording ceremony prior to Commencement.  Additionally, the library will display the student selections, with their names, on a page of this guide.