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SSI2-162: Mary and 'Aisha: Feminism and Religion: Exhibit (primary) Sources

Historical (or Humanities) Primary Sources

In humanities disciplines, including history, a primary source:

  • Is anything produced by humans during the time period under consideration:
    • Texts, whether published (books, articles, patents, transcripts) or unpublished (diaries, notes, manuscripts);
    • Imaginative work, such as paintings, music, movies, or novels;
    • Visual resources, such as photographs or newsreels;
    • Sound recordings, such as interviews;
    • Material culture, such as scientific instruments, clothing, or garbage dumps.

Tips for Finding Humanities Primary Sources

  • Primo is a good starting point for trying to locate primary sources.
  • For older materials, see if you can find a "scholarly edition" or "documentary history."  These are collections of carefully chosen primary source materials with introductions and annotations provided by scholars.
  • News databases (both current and historical)
  • Ask a librarian and/or your professor for suggestions!