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Makerspace: Laser Cutter

Dremel Laser Cutter





The Dremel laser cutter provides the ability to cut through a wide range of materials with high precision. 


  • Who can use the laser cutter?

    • Laser cutting services are available to all current University of Puget Sound students, staff and faculty.  

  • When is the laser cutter available?

  • How much does it cost?​

    • Use of the laser cutter will be charged at a rate of $0.25 per minute plus a $2.00 service fee.   

  • What types of files work with the laser cutter?​

    • Compatible File Types

      Extension File Type Cut Engrave Score
      .SVG Vector x   x
      .PDF Vector/Image x x x
      .JPEG, .JPG Image   x  
      .PNG Image   x  


  • What can be cut and/or engraved?

    • List of Materials


      Aluminum, anodized (engrave only)




      Cotton fabric

      Denim fabric

      Felt (wool)

      Glass (engrave only)

      Leather, vegetable tanned

      Maple, solid

      Mat board

      Oak, solid


      Rubber, laser grade

      Walnut, solid


    • ​​The Makerspace has a small supply of plywood and acrylic available for engraving and cutting on the laser cutter.

    • Materials brought in for cutting and engraving are subject to approval for use by the Makerspace staff.

      • Any painted, stained, or treated wood will not be cut or engraved in the laser cutter.

  • What size of material can be cut and/or engraved?

    • Cutting area:  20" x 12"

    • Engraving area:  18.4" x 12"

    • Maximum engraving height (material thickness): 1.25"

    • Maximum cutting height (material thickness): 0.25"

  • Questions?