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Makerspace: Team Building Activities

Team Building Activities

Team Building Workshops

The Makerspace is not just about the latest technical application or creating the next big invention, it’s about problem solving, creativity and building a culture of making and what better way to do that than working on a team building workshop.  We offer a variety of activities for work groups, campus clubs, classes and committees.  In addition, we encourage students to think about reserving the space for a social event that involves making.  Our workshops are best scheduled for 1 to 1.5 hours.  Please contact to discuss, plan and schedule a workshop.

Sample workshops:

Marshmallow Spaghetti Challenge:  Used widely by the Stanford School of Design, this challenge is a great activity to establish collaborative work groups and to encourage design thinking.  Students work in groups of 3 or more to build a tower using only a few supplies.  At the end of the time, groups present their structures and talk about the challenges.   

Bag Mashup:  Groups receive a bag of identical items and create a unique item.  Simple and fun, we have used this challenge numerous times and never have we seen the same designs.  This is a fast paced and fun challenge.  Students work in groups and present their “creations” at the end of a timed period.   Variations on this activity can include the groups drawing a descriptor and an item from two different bags and then create an object that is a mashup of those words.  For example, movie genre and insect = sci-fi butterfly.

Poster Design:  Work together to create a poster on a specific theme or concept. 

One Page Book:  Using the design template:, groups can design their own one page book.  Select a theme and at the end of the session you will have an entire series of “mini” books on a topic.  Some ideas include:  recipes, advice, favorite things about Puget Sound/Tacoma, information on a particular topic or cause.

Brain Writing:  Building on the one page book, the group works together to create a story that starts with a prompt and then each individual contributes a line – the results are always a surprise.

Lego Challenge:  Who doesn’t love Lego?  Teams compete to make the most elaborate Lego structure in a given time period.

Make A Card:  In our digital world, we are losing the art of printed communication.  Simple card making is fun and cards may be donated to a civic group or made with a specific purpose in mind.

Business/Trading Cards:  This is a simple and practical workshop that engages individuals in making personalized business or trading cards that reflect their personality and unique skills.  This workshop can be geared to individual design, or creating a design and look for a local organization.