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Classics 212: Roman History: Role Research

Preparing for your roles

As you prepare for your role in the "Reacting to the Past" game, you likely will want to do a little more research beyond the primary source materials and background reading already provided to you.  A few tips:

  • Subject encyclopedias ( a type of tertiary source) are excellent for overviews both of the historical figure and the wider context. 
  • Additional primary sources may help you better capture the voice of your character.
  • Additional secondary source material, such as that provided on your role sheets, can help you flesh out the details of the time period or controversy.

In-class practice

Look up Catiline in the Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome and browse through the entry and the brief bibliography.

a.  Identify and briefly skim through a second entry that could help you establish more context.

b.  Identify at least one primary source from the entry and find that source in the Loeb Classical Library.

c.  Identify a secondary source from the bibliography in either entry and search for it in Primo.

Key Resources for Role Research

Begin with tertiary sources!

Will it be helpful to find additional primary sources? Search the Loeb Classical Library for modern translations!

Are there additional secondary sources that might be useful?  Search Primo!

Primo Search


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